Brussels – Birthday Extravaganza

For my 29th birthday (that’s right 29th – I know shocking isn’t it) 😉 I decided to travel (of course I did)

Why Brussels you ask… well… I went on (my favourite flights website) and search out the cheapest flights for the weekend of my birthday. Cheapest flights for that weekend… Brussels. Since I’ve never been there and the thought of beer and chocolate and fries seemed good, I decided why not… I mean what else was I going to do. To justify my expense I told myself  – I’d have to throw a birthday party, go out, buy a new dress (probably new shoes to go with that dress – very expensive.

So convincing some of my friends and my amazing mom to do the trip with me, we set out.

Our flight was through Wizzair. Was pretty good. No complaints and even had a few beers on the plane there… I mean vacation already started.

So after courageously purchasing the tickets, we had to figure out how to get to the hotel from the airport. Seems easy enough. Decided on a bus (that comes every 30 minutes) for 14 Euros per person one way. Not too bad. website:

We decided on a hotel that seemed legit via Honestly – hotel was kind of crap once we got there. Pretty far from the center. The staff there were not very accommodating and the air conditioners didn’t work at all or had a setting of none or polar ice cap (which is why I got sick I think) Don’t recommend: Newhotel Charlemagne I should also note that it’s 4 star. My idea of 4 star might be askew. Because I’d give it 3. Rooms were clean but not amazing. Breakfast was like 14Euros per person (needless to say… did NOT eat there)

Brussels itself…

We arrived late (10 30 pm at our hotel) we arrived starving. Little did we know that kitchens in Brussels close at 10 pm. We booked it to old town for food. After finally eating and maybe being a teensy bit “hangry” (hungry + angry) with each other we decided on beers… and beers we did drink (throughout our whole trip) Fortunately most of the pubs had a HUGE selection of beer and in most you could get samplers.  TIP: EAT if you can before 10 pm in Brussels.

The old town – AMAZING. Huge impression! The buildings, the smells , the cobblestone streets, the Tin-tin references and the smurfs brought a giant smile to my face.

Our favourite hangout spot: Delirium. Super touristy. But with over 2500 beers to choose from. Why not.

Visited the famous “peeing boy statue” – was teeny tiny (the statue… dirty minded individuals) kind of underwhelming.

Saturday night for me was the most memorable. We went for an amazing beer. Where  people ate tons of seafood. (I ordered veggie paella) I did try mussels and escargot. Both were quite tastey. Once you get over the texture. I recommend trying that. After the food, Delirium was our next stop. Where after a enticing game of quarters (my mother was an astoundingly good player – who knew??) Bert, Jon and I went clubbing. The rest weren’t up for it. After Absinth shots we ended up at an Irish pub/dance bar. There I met 30 new friends and danced my heart out. Jon was a bit worse for wear (Absinth… does a body bad) and the boys returned to the hotel room. I stayed and made friends with everyone. Because after so many beers… EVERYONE is my friend. Tried walking back to the hotel (trying to figure out GPS after several drinks and beers… NOT a good idea) when I decided that taking a cab was my safest and warmest option. Got home, slept and was ready for drinking water and more sight-seeing the next day.

Being in Brussels for 4 days we decided to do a day trip to Bruges. Good call as if you’re not into museums not too much to do there. Bruges was a quaint little city with quaint streets. Recommend to go on the boat ride.

Last day was spent bike riding. Which I recommend for EVERY tourist. For 1.70 (Euro) you can rent a bike all day. Of course there are many hills and you might have to do a bit of training beforehand. Fun fact: my mom kicked our butts that day too with the bike riding. (My mom = full of surprises)

Beers to try:

          ALL of them

          Personal Favourite: Kwak, and Pink Killer

Food to try:

          Fries with samurai sauce (spicy mayo)




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