Travel Tips

Why travel?


Well as some of you may know, or may not know…

I like to travel. No, like is not strong enough. I love to travel. I like the time consuming plane rides, I like the turbulence in the air, I like all the things that people complain about while travelling because it gets me to there. Wherever there is.

I’ve been “into” travelling since I can remember. It’s always been a passion of mine. Though it was hard to do for several years of my life, I’m making up for it now. Giving myself goals of seeing 3-5 new places per year. These places might be exotic (such as Thailand and Istanbul) or they might be close to home (the Wilanow Palace here in Warsaw – I had to take three means of transport to get there… that counts as a trip 😉 )

A few people have asked me why? Why do I love to travel? Why do I choose to spend my savings (and boy do I spend my savings) to travel and not buy a house, a car, new shoes… (and so on) Well, you have to catch the bug. It’s addictive. Seeing new places, new churches, new old towns, eating new food but for me, it’s mostly the people. I talk to taxi drivers, waitresses, other travellers. I have made “friends” after seeing them only for a few hours some for a few minutes. These people have touched my life in a small way, affected me just a bit. Changed my perspective. Now this is not saying that you can’t meet people in your own home town that affect you. You can, I have. Some that shook me to my core even. BUT from my experience, when you travel you’re not worried about laundry, or your job or what you have to do today, you are more open. More willing to smile at the stranger next to you. To spend 1 hour of your airplane ride telling the person beside you of what to see (actual event)

One of my favourite travel quotes:

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

(It combines some of my favourite things – travel and reading J )

So why do you travel? What motivates you to get on a plane, leave your chores, your job, your family (even for a short time) and travel?


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