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Travelling – where to go next?

What do you look for when travelling? New destinations? Old favourites (the tried and true)? Or whatever is cheapest?

Since coming to Poland whenever I get the itch to travel I have found “long weekend” trips around Europe. I pick a weekend, go on and seen where are the cheapest flights at that current time. Of course, I also talk about travelling with everyone that I meet (my favourite topic of conversation – that and running) so I find out about more and more places that I “must” visit.

Travelling from Canada was quite different. Due to the lack of vacation time and the cold winters, Mexico (or down south) was pretty much a given at least once a year. Though I’m happy I went to Mexico (a few times) and Cuba and Las Vegas. The trips were a bit… tedious? Typical? It hit me when I started planning my third trip to Las Vegas that as much as I love the city of sin (and believe me I do) I’d rather see something new… But Vegas is cheap and warm… so a lot of people make that choice (can’t say I blame them)

I believe a similar situation occurs here in Poland with people travelling to Egypt on a yearly basis. Though they complain about the food, the price is right and it’s guaranteed good weather (though with the current political situation I think more people will be turning to Turkey as a ‘winter’ destination)

Then of course there are those dream places that you feel like you “must” see. One of mine was Thailand (and boy am I glad I went). Currently on the list is Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iceland, New Zealand, and many, many more.

So how do you decide what your next travel destination is? Is it purely financial? Or is it because you are fascinated by a culture that you want to see first-hand? Or that someone talked about their destination and you decided that this is a must see for you as well?


4 thoughts on “Travelling – where to go next?”

  1. finances unfortunately play a part, but the true motivations are a bit of everything…a spur of the moment impulse, a few catchy words from a friend, a random link/photo you come across 🙂

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