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Thailand – part #1 – the planning process

SO, my dream destination for about 4 years was Thailand. Finally this year in May I got to go and visit this wonderful and magical place. A few people have asked why Thailand… I honestly don’t know. I got it in my head and it stuck. And I’m glad it did.

The trip to Thailand happened quite unexpectedly. I was out for dinner (at a Thai restaurant) with my favourite couple Alice and Kamil. They are two of the most amazing people I have ever met and we get together as often as time allows and discuss everything and anything. Fortunately that night, one of the topics of discussion was of course Thailand. After a few bottles of wine and a few shots (ALWAYS Kamil’s idea) we decided we have to go to Thailand together!

The next week we found out that there was a price war between United Emirates and Qatar airlines upon their entering the Polish market. (Great for us) And we decided to book. Within a few weeks my dream of going to Thailand was coming true… Not to brag but the tickets were about 1700 PLN per person (that’s less than 600 dollars!!) And the whole process of planning began.

Once again, I thanked my lucky stars I was going with people who were willing to plan things and willing to compromise on what to do and what to see. We all spoke to all of our friends who’ve been to Thailand, checked blogs, tripadvisor and many many other sources to figure out where, what, how, when. We spent hours meeting (and drinking) to figure out the details. Many emails were sent. Many decisions were made. The planning process was almost as fun as the trip itself in all honesty. The anticipation of this trip was astronomical (for all involved).

Our plan was Bangkok  – Ko Samui – Ko Phangan – Ko Tao (maybe) and back to Bangkok.

We listed off things that we really wanted to see in Thailand:

–          Elephant ride

–          Buddhist temples

–          FOOD! (more like eat)

–          Tours

–          Beaches

–          And for them – snorkeling (though I promised myself I’d try it – as to overcome my illogical fear of fish – will write a blog about that experience soon!)

–          Relaxing

–          Palaces

We came with our lists of things to do and I’m glad I did. I will be honest as this was a hectic time for me I didn’t plan as much as I should have. And Kamil and Alice saved my travelling butt by researching everything and making the experience easy and flawless.

Normally, when travelling I plan quite a bit, I have an itinerary in my head (this is my type A personality coming out) though I don’t get mad if things don’t go according to plan. I’m fairly flexible with my plan as long as I get to see my “must-see” items. What about you? Do you plan every detail of your trip? Do you get mad if it doesn’t go as planned? Do you make a “must-see/do” list?


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