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Thailand #3 – Doha Airport

SO have you ever been in an airport for 14 hours waiting for your next plane? I have!

As previously mentioned in blog post: Thailand #1 – planning, the tickets purchased for the amazing Thailand trip were cheap, there was one catch (as there always is) a layover in the Doha airport. On the way there 14 hours on the way back 9 hours. As daunting as this sounded the allure of the cheap price and of Thailand won me over right away.

Most people would have left the airport since it is a long time BUT arriving at 10 pm and leaving at 10 am didn’t leave a lot of “sightseeing time” plus honestly… what do I know about Qatar? Or Doha? Nothing…  I actually had to look at a map and figure out where this country was (I have always been exceptionally bad at geography…) So I wasn’t sure about how culturally acceptable it would be for a loud, overly friendly, small, blonde girl walking around taking pictures of Doha by night would go over. I now know better. Next time, I’ll do it without a second thought!

When purchasing the ticket I thought “what’s 14 hours anyway???”

Well I can now answer that question. 14 hours consisted of:

–          2 hours of wandering around aimlessly  “checking out the airport” – including scoping out the alcohol for bringing back with me on the way home

–          Figuring out where the gate was – this took a total of 10 minutes

–          Where the “sleeping area” was – DOHA airport gives blankets and has lounge seats available to use! Pretty awesome! THOUGH I would suggest brining an eye cover thingy cause it’s surrounded by windows.

–          Figuring out where to get our food vouchers (AMAZING – with Qatar airlines if you stay in Doha for over 5 hours (and every 5 hours after) you get a food voucher for some pretty ok curries)

–          Checking out the airport Mosques… Since I’ve never seen one it was interesting to take a look

–          Setting up on benches NOT in the sleeping area as the sleeping area was full

–          People watching (guessing where these people were coming from, since this was my first time in the “middle east” area it was amazingly cool to see so many diverse nations – since I’m a huge fan of people watching this was like a feast for my eyes and ears)

–          Moving to the sleeping area after being awoken by what felt like was 100 school children stampeding through the airport (actual number: 3, how can 3 kids make so much noise… God only knows)

–          Laying in sleeping area

–          Being awoken by helicopters putting on a morning sunrise show

–          Yelling at some guy for using skype in the sleeping zone

–          Sitting there satisfied with myself for about 15 minutes about what an amazing job I did by yelling at the guy being  rude… then realized I yelled at him and could have woken somebody up by doing that – fail

–          Pondering how amazing Thailand was going to be

–          Falling asleep for about 4 hours

–          Trying to find Alice and Kamil

–          Finding the bathrooms and attempting to make myself “look presentable for breakfast” or not terrifying for small children to look at J

–          Grabbing a VERY overpriced but well worth the effort coffee

–          More curry for breakfast (I’d skip the curry twice though… )

–          And then BAM out of nowhere the flight to Bangkok was fast approaching

For anyone who has a layover in the DOHA airport know this:

–          There is FREE wi-fi (it’s not the most amazing thing in the world but it’ll serve your surfing needs for sure

–          USE the sleeping area if you can it’s pretty comfy – just be aware that in the morning at around sunrise they have helicopters milling about

–          Coolest place to people watch

–          There are places to charge your electronics (as someone who is addicted to my laptop and other devices this was/is crucial for me)

–          Try the curry (especially if you get it for free) I’d say the vegetarian one as it’s a bit spicey and actually pretty tastey

–          For the American’s: there’s an A&W (doesn’t serve Root Beer – which is like the only reason I would go to A&W)

–          The Duty Free shop isn’t that good

–          DON’T sleep in the mosque as security goes in there quite frequently to check

–          WOMEN aren’t allowed in the main mosques there are special mosque’s for women

–          Bring ear plugs and eye cover thingies

–          There are water fountains everywhere so no need to worry

–          The coffee is quite good (that’s SUPER important)

–          If you are there for that  long GET a VISA and go check out the city


What our plane looked like on the outside! Weather was amazing!Image

The food that was given to us for “free” with our food vouchers. I know it looks awful but was actually quite tasty! Image

I hope that Kamil doesn’t kill me for this one… but he does look quite precious sleeping. 🙂 This was the sleeping loungers provided to us including blankets! Image

The view from the eating area.Image

Welcome indeed!


The city is seen from the whole airport and looks amazing. Next time VISA to go check it out!


Boarding the plane was a fun experience as we got to take a bus to the entrance and got to see everything up close and personal.



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