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Airlines Ratings! Favourite Airlines

So what’s your favourite airline?

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of flying Ryanair. A low budget airline. And in all honesty… it wasn’t too bad. Sure they cram as many commercials and extra costs as they possibly can down your throat. And sure you have to be super careful as to read all of their requirements when it comes to baggage fees but in all honesty, I had zero problems. The flight was relatively cheap (especially if I convert the costs to dollars)

I’ve created a list of airlines that I flew AND my opinion of them (along with a grading system of what I believe to be the most important criteria):

–          Ryanair (flight to Dublin) 15/25

  • Cost: 5/5
  • Food: 0/5
    • I didn’t get any because it was quite pricey and didn’t look that appetizing
  • Friendliness of Staff: 4/5
    • The staff on the way to Dublin was SUPER friendly and VERY funny… coming back to Warsaw they gave me some trouble with my backpack (which clearly fit) and were a bit grumpy so they lost points here!
  • Comfort of seats: 2/5
    • I’m glad I lost weight because I BARELY fit into the seat
  • Ease of overall travel: 4/5
    • Had very little signage once we were at the airport of where we should head out. Plus we had to take the bus to the terminal and it was a bit of a mess to get everyone boarded as there are no assigned seats. I know you can pay extra for this feature (though I’m not sure why, I’m assuming it would create ease for both Ryanair and the traveller – but I’ve never worked in the airline industry so I’m not too sure)


Qatar Airline (flight to Doha and then Bangkok) 25/25

  • Cost: 5/5 (special promotion at the time flew to Thailand super cheap!)
  • Food: 5/5
    • Probably the best airline food I’ve ever had. GREAT options and the wine that they served as well was SUPERB!! Plus they also served premium liquor… which means a lot  when you are flying for a longer period of time
  • Friendliness of Staff: 5/5
    • Very friendly, very patient, very charming and just overall super helpful
  • Comfort of seats: 5/5
    • The most comfortable seats I’ve had on a plane… ever
  • Ease of overall travel: 5/5

–          Lufthansa/ Delta/ KLM (I’m grouping these together as for my experience they were VERY similar)  (various flights ‘home’ to Canada and to Poland in the past) 16/25

  • Cost: 3/5
    • Hard to get great deals with them
  • Food:  3/5
    • Portions were ok, food is normally bland or too salty… you won’t starve but it’s not a ‘good meal’ by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Friendliness of Staff: 3/5
    • Now this is VERY dependent on if you are sitting in the friendly person’s section. Normally I flew across the ocean (which meant about 6-8 hours with the flight attendants) I don’t remember too many that were overly welcoming or overly friendly.
  • Comfort of seats: 3/5
    • Average at best (though I always try to get the exit row seats!)
  • Ease of overall travel: 4/5
    • No major problems or complications ever.

–          LOT (various flights to Poland and Canada) 8/25

  • Cost: 2/5
    • Probably one of the most overpriced airline ever… all things considered
  • Food: 1/5
    • Normally they serve something that they call a sandwich, I call it two pieces of bread glued together by something nasty
  • Friendliness of Staff: 1/5
    • A smile will cost you… a limb or your first born child…
  • Comfort of seats: 1/5
    • Since a lot of the planes I’ve travelled in are much older (still have ashtrays in the seats – that’s how much older, when was the last time people could smoke on planes… the 1960’s?)
  • Ease of overall travel: 3/5
    • Meh… they odn’t help you or hurt you

–          AirCanada (various flights to Poland and Canada and from Canada to Mexico) 14/25

  • Cost:3/5
    • Once in a while, if you are lucky, you can get a great deal
  • Food: 3/5
    • You won’t starve… but it’s sometimes cold, or the lettuce looks like it’s seen better days
  • Friendliness of Staff: 2/5
    • Here I laughed. I’m a true believer that Canadians are super nice… except on AirCanada… I don’t know if they hate their jobs that much… but “nice” is not a word I would use to describe the staff I’ve encountered at Air Canada
  • Comfort of seats: 3/5
    • Average…
  • Ease of overall travel: 3/5
    • Not bad, not good … meh

–          WizzAir (Various flights around Europe) 14/25

  • Cost: 5/5
    • Normally you can get a fairly inexpensive ticket to where you want to go…
  • Food: 0/5
    • (didn’t get any because it was quite pricey and didn’t look that appetizing) I did get a beer on the way to Brussels… cost 4 Euros… but a bit warm
  • Friendliness of Staff: 3/5
    • Not rude but not overly friendly
  • Comfort of seats: 3/5
    • average
  • Ease of overall travel: 3/5
    • No issues but  not anything to write home about

–          Swiss Air (flight to Istanbul) : 10/25

  • Cost: 3/5
    • Flight was a bit pricey but the best deal at that time
  • Food: 2/5
    •  The food was bland… and they offered me a salmon sandwich… I don’t eat fish… they only had salmon sandwiches… even if I did eat fish… the salmon had seen better days…
  • Friendliness of Staff: 2/5
    • The only reason I gave a 2 and not a 0 is because the staff in the airline itself were ok. Not super memorable great but no giant complaints… my complaint comes in with my lost suitcase situation…
  • Comfort of seats: 3/5
  • Ease of overall travel: 0/5
    • They lost my luggage. After waiting for a long time and realizing that my suitcase was not arriving… I went to the lost luggage section. After getting a phone number and stub I called them. Waited for a response two days (nothing). Posted on their facebook page (

The winner is: QATAR AIRLINES!!!

Listing these airlines made me realize that I really do fly quite often! Whew!

So which is your favourite airline? Have you had problems in the past? Do you find my grading system accurate?


1 thought on “Airlines Ratings! Favourite Airlines”

  1. OOooh. Lot needs to get their shit together. This is informative thanks. To me cost is the most important thing. I can handle a few hours of discomfort if I am paying a reduced price.

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