Zadar… in all it’s glory…

The idea to go to Croatia was last-minute and due to the fact that tickets were very inexpensive by flight. What did I know about Zadar? (nothing!) I had to google map the place to see where it was in the world. Once we arrived to the airport took the bus to the bus terminal and finally another bus to the center… I was pleasantly  surprised. While there we met up with my boss’s sister who’s been living in the region for a few years. She gave us some great advice about where to eat, what to see etc. If you need any help she has a great Facebook page with tips and help! Few fun facts about Zadar:

  1. There are real Roman ruins there
  2. Fifth largest city in Croatia
  3. It actually might have more churches per capita than Poland
  4. Influence of Italy is in the food and coffee
  5. They have something called a sea organ (the waves play music)
  6. There’s a special place to see the sunrise and sunset. Great views.

All of these things I would recommend tourists to see. Overall, a great town!

Tower of shame
Tower of shame

IMG_5684  IMG_5695

IMG_5698IMG_5707 IMG_5690IMG_5697 IMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5709 IMG_5726

Have you been to Zadar? What was your favourite part?


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