Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Being a first time pregnant person I was expecting the typical symptoms such as morning sickness, cravings, swelling etc. There were some symptoms though that were unexpected that I though I would share! (in convenient list form) So here goes nothing…


Weird pregnancy symptoms no one told me about…

  1. Random nosebleeds – yup you heard right! Make sure you have tissues on hand!2
  2. Hot flashes. That feeling that you get right before getting sick. You feel so hot that you open your fridge/freezer so that it cools you down even for that second. I’ve had to change my t-shirt 3-4 times a day for the last 6 months. 3
  3. Heart burn. Not like ‘oh owie’ but so painful that you think you might actually be having a heart attack.  4
  4. Swelling – yes your feet and ankles swell BUT were you expecting your lips to swell too? Kylie Jenner… you’ve got nothing on me ;). 5
  5. Night terrors (or nightmares – I prefer terrors to be more dramatic) Dreams/Nightmares that seem so real to you… For almost my entire pregnancy I couldn’t watch ANY movies/tv shows with fighting or blood.6
  6. Not being able to get off a couch/bed/hammock. Apparently when you gain weight quickly it’s difficult for you to propel yourself up.7
  7. Emotions – they tell you about the hormones. What they don’t tell you that you might start crying loudly because a friend of yours ate your strawberries (btw – you have a giant bowl full) Not to mention crying during dog commercials. Yelling at random strangers for not picking up garbage or dog poop. Yelling at your husband for not cleaning clean enough. Yelling at pretty much everyone for stupid mundane things. And the crying… the huge huge HUGE amounts of crying.8
  8. Fatigue. Tired doesn’t even describe what I was feeling. Falling asleep while on public transport became a normal thing for me. Not to mention the one or two times I fell asleep at work at my desk… or during a conversation with someone.9
  9. Food in general. At first you have food aversions (but if you don’t eat you throw up more and pass out), then I was able to eat everything but with heart burn and then the last trimester. Let’s just say I had the lovely experience of throwing up and being hungry all the time with the added bonus of food cravings and aversions. (FIRST pickle craving was in month seven of my pregnancy)10
  10. I guess what surprised me the most was the randomeness of it all. It seems like no two pregnancies are the same which makes the whole process kind of fascinating actually. But my symptoms are not going to be the same as yours… 11

What pregnancy symptom shocked you the most? What was the worst for you to deal with?


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