Bucket list for Travel

Do you have a bucket list? What about one for travelling? Here I am, almost three weeks into being a new mom dreaming about my next vacation. Maybe because it’s summer time, maybe because travel has always been a passion of mine…  So I figured why not create a bucket list that might inspire someone else to make travel plans all the while I can dream about one day (soon) going on our next vacation but this time the three of us.

When creating this list I thought of ideas that might be way out of left field as well. I mean why not? The idea of a bucket list is to strive for something, do something that’s out of the box, get out of your comfort zone!

If you need some inspiration for your travel bucket list! NO PROBLEM! Here are 50 ideas that I came up with that might help you get started!

Bucket List: Top 50 Travel Ideas

  1. Go on a balloon ride (This one you can even do in your city – I like the idea of “traveling” in your home city. I feel that there are tons of museums or places we never get to because ‘we live there’ so why? I always discover something new about Warsaw when I’m showing friends from out of town around!hot-air-balloon-ride-1029303_1920
  2. Go on a yoga retreat for a minimum of two weeks in a far off destination. (India, Bali… Thailand)
  3. Visit the Taj Mahal.taj-mahal-2311785_1920
  4. Visit Lisbon and Porto – Portugal.
  5. Route 66 road trip – stay in cheap motels, eat at greasy diners and make random pit stops in random places.
  6. Take a cruise to
  7. Take a Disney cruise.
  8. Set foot on every continent.
  9. Go off roading in the desert.
  10. Visit the castle in Germany that is the inspiration for the Disney castle.
  11. Go and experience the Kentucky Derby.
  12. Go camping in the Grande Canyon.grand-canyon-2159269_1920
  13. See the Pyramids of Egypt.
  14. Hike Machu Picchu.
  15. Go on a safari.
  16. Road trip through New Zealand (nerd moment – visit Lord of the Rings sites)
  17. Hiking through Iceland
  18. Hawaii and experience a real Hawaiian cook out
  19. Sleep in a tree house
  20. Go to Rio.
  21. Head down under to Australia – pet a koala bear.koala-1259681_1280.jpg
  22. Head to the Vatican
  23. Railroad through a few countries in Europe
  24. Visit NYC in the winter.
  25. Eat gumbo in New Orleans and experience jazz in the French district.
  26. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  27. Whale sightseeing in Alaska
  28. Visit the White House
  29. Find Area 51.area-51-2037418_1920
  30. Watch NASCAR live
  31. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland
  32. Visit Casablanca
  33. Visit Chicago and eat deep dish pizza
  34. Make a trek to Nepal
  35. Spend time on the Galapagos Islands
  36. Visit Napa and attempt to drink ALL the wine
  37. See the cherry blossoms blossom in Japan and try real sushi
  38. Experience Mardi Gras
  39. Visit Salem during Halloween
  40. Get high in Jamaica
  41. Swim in the Dead Sea
  42. Hike the Inca Trails
  43. See all the 7 Wonders
  44. Visit an Ice Hotel
  45. Sleep in Dracula’s Castle
  46. Stay at an all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic
  47. Sleep in a glass igloo in Norway. norway-2144790_1920
  48. Visit Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in one trip that last a minimum of one month.
  49. Go on a NO DESTINATION road trip. This one would be super difficult for me. NOT planning everything and just going.
  50. Take #babyMatylda to my favourite spots in Thailand. Thailand holds a special place in my heart (that’s where my husband and I even got married) but I can’t wait to show her my favourite beaches and let her try all of our favourite Thai food as well.

SO here are 50 ideas to get you started! 🙂 Have you done any of them? What would you add to your travel bucket list? 

NOTE: These are items that I haven’t done yet! Coming soon… my 50 bucket list suggestions that I HAVE done 🙂

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