Top 10 Baby Products – newborn edition

SO #babymatylda has survived the first month and so have I… it’s been the most magical and the most stressful month of my life. I am now a mom (now let that sink in). I, the person that forgets to eat sometimes, that has on more than one occassion purchased underwear so I wouldn’t have to do laundry, that can binge watch tv shows for days on end, that has made dozens of questionable and at time life threatening decision… am in charge of a human being. AND both of us have survived the first MONTH!

My success (really our success) is based on many factors: help from parents and friends, hours of research on newborns, natural instincts AND several wonderful products! I created the following videos (one in English one in Polish) that describes those products! I hope this video helps you! I’d LOVE to hear from you about the products that you have used and that you can’t imagine living without with a newborn! Which one was the most useful?

English Version:

Polish Version:


Products that I mentioned in the videos that I found on

Baby Bjorn Bouncher:
Baby Wrap:
Contrast Cards:
Breastfeeding pillow:
Muslin Clothes:
Peg Perego Stroller/Buggy:


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