Breastfeeding – my top 10 tips

So breastfeeding isn't as easy as I thought... who knew? ๐Ÿ˜› One would think that breastfeeding this natural thing would happen automatically and it kind of does but also kind of doesn't. ย I'm not going to get into the benefits of breastfeeding because I think we've all heard it a 1000 times before. I ALSO… Continue reading Breastfeeding – my top 10 tips


Top 10 Baby Products – newborn edition

SO #babymatylda has survived the first month and so have I... it's been the most magical and the most stressful month of my life. I am now a mom (now let that sink in). I, the person that forgets to eat sometimes, that has on more than one occassion purchased underwear so I wouldn't have… Continue reading Top 10 Baby Products – newborn edition